Company Director Magazine featuring Peter Symons

Peter Symons November 09, 2020
“You Need a Plan B: The disruption of Covid-19 provides boards with an opportunity to optimise supply chains and logistics systems – and make much better use of technology.” - Company Director magazine, published by the Australian Institute of ...
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CPA Australia's InTheBlack magazine featuring Alec Jeffery

Alec Jeffrey August 10, 2020
Alec Jeffery, co-founder and executive director at Tridant, was recently interviewed by CPA Australia’s InTheBlack magazine about how to successfully navigate an economic crisis and come out on top.
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Tridant announces multi-echelon inventory optimisation application to efficiently synchronise inventory replenishment in the extended supply chain

Tridant May 20, 2020
Inventory Optimisation Application allows businesses to reduce costly excess inventory, manage supply volatility and avoid stockouts.
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