Snowflake Xpress Migrator Solution

Published on: 11 May 2022
Written by: Tridant

The ever increasing demand for data and access to information is driving more businesses away from traditional on-premise data solutions and towards more modern, scalable, and cost–effective data management solutions. 

To help your organisation meet the demand, Snowflake Xpress Migrator accelerates the transition from on-premise relational database(s) to an enterprise grade, leading the cloud data management platform i.e. Snowflake.

The solution includes a live connection to Power BI and a pre-configured monitoring dashboard, so you can understand Snowflake usage in terms of costs, storage, and compute resources being consumed by use case or by department.

In this session you will gain valuable insight on:

  • The features of Tridant's accelerated migration to Snowflake solution and how their implementation can benefit your organisation.
  • The process of transferring existing data management deployments to the cloud Snowflake platform.
  • Best practice techniques applied by Tridant throughout the migration process to make the process for you as smooth as possible.


Michael Taylor
General Manager - Data Analytics, Tridant

Oswald Almeida
Business Solution Lead - Tridant

Andrew Montgomery
Leader RSI Partner Sales Engineering, Snowflake

Roopak TJ
Consultant & Migrator Creator, Tridant

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