Tridant & BlackLine's Modern Accounting Playbook Seminar

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Modern organisations cannot afford to be wasting time on a labour-intensive close process which involves significant manual, repetitive work. This not only demotivates talented finance teams, but also increases the risk of reporting errors and missed fraudulent activity.

At audit time, the lengthy process of evidencing appropriate controls and providing relevant information can further burden accounting resources, resulting in missed deadlines and increased costs.

Find out how BlackLine’s Modern Accounting Playbook (MAP) can resolve these pains, implemented by Tridant in less than 90 days.

During the event we will cover:

  • An overview of BlackLine and how it addresses problems associated with the close:
        - Closing faster
        - Reducing risk
        - Allocating resources to value-add activities
        - Improving team morale
  • A demonstration of the system to give you a real understanding of the functionality
  • Case studies from clients across a range of industries.
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Bob Boyne
Business Solutions Lead - Financial Close, Tridant
Willem Boshoff
Director, Tridant
Andy Bainton
Client Manager - SE Asia, Tridant
Tridant & BlackLine's Modern Accounting Playbook Seminar

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