The path from traditional to modern accounting is different for every organisation. BlackLine's Modern Accounting Playbook (MAP) delivers a proven-practices approach to help you identify and prioritise your organisation's critical accounting gaps and map out a practical, achievable path to success along each stage of your transformation journey.

BlackLine sets you up quickly on the essentials for a streamlined and automated close. With a wealth of experience using and implementing BlackLine, our Tridant experts are dedicated to delivering the most value to your business in the shortest amount of time. To start fast with modern accounting, download the BlackLine MAP.

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Close Faster
Reduce time to close by streamlining, automating, and accelerating financial close tasks.
Increase Efficiency
Realise productivity benefits from more balanced workloads and automation of high-volume tasks.
Reduce Risk
Gain standardised, repeatable, and automated controls to reduce the risk of misstatements.
Enhance Visibility
Benefit from point-in-time visibility into close progress, and real-time visibility into financial outcomes.

BlackLine scales as your business grows


Start with the Core foundation, focused on delivering the most value in the shorted amount of time. Core packages the essentials for a stress-free close, visibility across close tasks and automated reconcilliations.


Unite even more of your daily work, such as journal posting and reporting, in a connected ecosystem. With two-way data integration, work performed in BlackLine is automatically updated and visible in your ERP.


After or alongside building your connected ecosystem, BlackLine helps you fine-tune F&A processes. Implement pointed solutions to optimise areas like journal creation or complex matching scenarios.

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BlackLine's Modern Accounting Playbook

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