Are you enabling business continuity?

Determining the right cloud service for the job is no small task.

CIOs need to ensure optimal user experiences and application availability whilst managing CapEx, scalability, governance, security and other considerations.
Cloud platform choices truly come to life with integration – the ability to run different applications, workloads, and business processes is critical.
Uninterrupted availability, on-demand scalability, better business.
Data & Analytics

Easily collect data from different applications & sources for analysis, on demand



To run multiple vendor-specific applications seamlessly, good technical design is vital


Move and upgrade workloads & legacy applications, without service interruption


Mitigate risk & optimise stability in your cloud migration.

Good technical design translates directly into the development speed and turn-around time, ultimately saving time and money. Align your design blueprint aligned to organisational goals. Reduce maintenance costs, complexity, ensure scalability, and address all security needs.

Recommended Approach:
Migrate IBM Analytics Workloads onto AWS

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Tridant awarded AWS Select Tier partner status. 

At Tridant, we specialise in digital transformation. With AWS, we support your cloud migration and application modernization plans with a deep set of tools and services to seamlessly migrate databases, servers, data and business applications.

Accelerate your cloud migration with AWS

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Tridant awarded Snowflake Select Tier partner status.

At Tridant, we help clients improve speed, scale and agility. We deploy cloud data architectures using Snowflake on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, pulling data from on-premise and cloud data sources to support data analytics, data science and AI workloads.

Move data and analytics workloads to the cloud with Snowflake

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Featured Insights

A recommended approach: Multi-cloud strategy with Snowflake

Multi-cloud is growing in popularity as a key enterprise architecture strategy to assure business continuity with seamless access to applications, helping businesses move between different cloud environments to maximise their flexibility.

Benchmark Testing: Snowflake using Tableau

Experiencing scalability or cost concerns with your workloads? Performance issues with your extract refreshes? This investigation details the process, options and results into the performance of Snowflake on data sets of various sizes like TPCH_SF1 (approx. 6 million rows) and TPCH_SF10 (approx. 60 million rows) using Tableau ...

Covid-19 Economic Impact – Analysis with Power BI and Snowflake

How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted the economic performance of different sectors?
Read this examination into the financial performance of various sectors and companies by stock price and business volumes, using Power BI and Snowflake ...

5 Best Practices for Successful Remote Implementations

Every technology implementation requires diligent project management to ensure outcomes are delivered on-time and within budget. Cloud-based systems are proving vital to business continuity. Critically, many new technology systems will be implemented remotely ...

Recommended Approach: Migrate IBM Analytics Workloads onto AWS

As organisations assess the optimal deployment and operating model for each workload, how do you validate and assure seamless on-boarding of new services, to minimise disruption, mitigate risk and optimise stability, all while keeping costs down?
Here are our top 6  considerations for successful migration ... 


Optimise your cloud environments as your business evolves.

Investigate scalability, capacity and performance issues with a cloud architecture review. Identify redundancies, gaps and next steps.

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