Mining is tough work, but planning doesn’t have to be.

With many different roles and business functions existing throughout large mining organisations, it can often be challenging to integrate planning processes due to siloed data across different source systems, teams and mining sites.

The Tridant Integrated Mining Planning (IMP) App enables decision makers across business functions to collaborate on a single platform armed with insights to better understand and proactively manage both operational and financial performance.

Find out how the Tridant IMP app can optimise your planning processes.

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Automate the integration of actual physicals and planned physicals from respective source systems to generate a forecast, enabling planners to focus on analysis and proactive actions items
Compare versions and simulations during variance analysis to gain a greater understanding of the ‘why’ behind the variance
More accurate projections in revenue and costs with life-of-mine planning & continuous forecasting

Tridant Integrated Mining Planning Application Features:

  • Actual integration layered with planned physicals
  • Realtime data flow generating revenue and costs across the life of mine
  • Mining physical driven Contract expense planning
  • Transparent stockpile reconciliation
  • Highly customisable processing logic to suit different products
  • Roster type assumptions for workforce planning
  • Simple project management function to automate reforecasting and actualisation
  • Scheduled and on-demand data refresh
  • Intuitive, direct, and user friendly front end design for planners
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Tridant’s Integrated Mining Planning Application enables decision-makers to collaborate on a single platform to better understand and manage operational and financial performance.
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