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Published on: 23 May 2017
Written by: Tridant

What a fantastic week it was in Orlando, Florida for the IBM Vision conference.

For the past few years, IBM Vision has been the premier global conference for finance, risk management and sales compensation professionals wanting to learn more about IBM Solutions in these areas.

This was my first time in attendance at IBM Vision, having been selected with our client The University of Adelaide to present at the conference.

It's certainly an effort to get there with a 14-16 hr flight to LAX and then another 5 hrs to Orlando.

Once there though, it was an amazing opportunity to interact and meet with customers, business partners and product managers from all over the world.

The first day of the conference was for business partners to spend time hearing about IBM Product Management around the roadmap for each product. It was invaluable to hear what capabilities are due to come out next for IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics. The next 3 days then included hundreds of sessions that you could attend across FPM, BI, Incentive Compensation Management and Financial Governance.

Nick Holt from the University of Adelaide and myself presented on the Wednesday morning about “Dynamic Salary Planning in TM1 at the University of Adelaide”. It was great to have over 60 people attend the session and we felt very proud to be the only client presentation from Australia that week.



Personally, over the remaining days I was able to attend sessions on all aspects of IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics (both cloud and on premise), as well as other areas of interest such as Decision Opimisation, Watson Analytics, Cognos Disclosure Management and Watson Analytics for Social Media.

It was also fantastic to be able to spend time in discussions with our North American partners Quebit and Carpedatum and discuss news, products and ideas together.

The unfortunate news was that IBM Vision as a conference will not be continuing but instead become part of the IBM Think conference in Las Vegas next year. My fear is that the event will just be too large and will not be able to cover enough material for finance, risk management and sales compensation professionals.

At the end of the 3 days it was quite a poignant moment when the Australian attendees from four IBM business partners, MBS and IBM all raised a glass together to toast what had been a great conference and a sadness we wouldn’t be able to see the same event next year.

If anyone would like an overview of my key findings at IBM Vision then please feel free to drop me an email to discuss on the details below.

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