Tridant announces MEIO Solution: Efficiently Synchronise Inventory Replenishment in the Extended Supply Chain

Published on: 18 May 2020
Written by: Tridant

Tridant Pty Ltd today announced its supply chain planning solution, Inventory Optimisation Application. Providing for complex interdependencies among stocking locations, Tridant Inventory Optimisation Application (IO App) enables businesses to address growing supply chain complexity and ensure correct levels of all inventory types across every echelon in the supply chain.

With intense pressure on enterprises to improve planning accuracy, enhance productivity, enable faster response times and reduce cost of operations, businesses need transparency, accuracy and scalability for real-time control across their supply chain.

Built on the theory of constraints methodology, IO App’s multi-echelon inventory optimisation (MEIO) capability enables dynamic inventory buffers, combined with insights, to eliminate bottlenecks and synchronise supply orders. IO App applies the drum-buffer-rope concept throughout the supply chain, to streamline operations and meet demand changes at any time.

IO App empowers manufacturers and multi-step distributors to effectively manage supply volatility, avoid stockouts, and keep inventory levels low across various echelons in the network.

“With recent turbulent market conditions, inventory planning is even more challenging than before. Activating real-time control now, across the extended supply chain, is an operational imperative and is critical to business performance,” said Willem Boshoff, director of corporate performance management solutions, Tridant.

“With Tridant Inventory Optimisation Application, supply chain leaders will be able to confidently address demand forecasting, variability in actual demand and emerging supply constraints, in real-time. All of which means significantly improving their ability to deliver the right stock at the right place at the right time, all the way from the manufacturer and supplier, to the distributor centre, to stores.”

IO App’s multi-echelon inventory planning offers a seamless path to data management, replenishment planning across distribution centres to stores, and synchronised supply planning for distribution centre inventory planning and supplier order management.

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Across supply, demand, sales, operations and logistics planning, Tridant analytics-enabled solutions drive efficiencies with automated and streamlined processes for accurate forecasting and planning, and critically, link supply chain drivers to other functional areas such as finance, marketing and workforce planning.

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