IBM Data & AI solutions operate with an open, extensible platform that runs on any cloud. These include IBM Planning & Business Intelligence solutions.




Analytics on demand, anywhere.

At Tridant, we specialise in digital transformation. With IBM, we support mid-to-large enterprises across industries to ready their data for an AI and multi-cloud world, and operationalise AI throughout their business.

Tridant was awarded ‘IBM SaaS Top Partner ANZ’ in 2020.


Minimised risk, with trusted experts. 

Rapid, best-practice deployment of all IBM solutions for your unique environment, every time.

After go-live, Tridant offers robust, enterprise-grade ITIL-based application support and infrastructure management to ensure continued success of your IBM platform. 

Planning Analytics, powered by TM1

Put the power of algorithmic forecasting in the hands of users, even those without data science skills, with built-in predictive forecasting. On premise or in the cloud.

Cognos Analytics

Clean and connect your data easily. Create compelling visualisations to not only share where your business is today, but also to drive forecasting and actionable insights. On-premise or in the cloud.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Simplify underlying IT and management. IBM Cloud Pak integrates leading data and AI capabilities into a unified experience, enabling organisations to seamlessly collect, organise and analyse data to infuse AI into their business.

Managed Services

Tridant formalised critical service management processes are delivering 24x7 application support and infrastructure management for some of the largest IBM deployments.

IBM Delivers


How do you make better decisions, faster?

CFOs need to grow operational efficiencies, identify emerging opportunities and accelerate top-line growth. 


How accurate are your forecasts?

Drive demand forecast accuracy in your bottom-up baseline. Overcome planning constraints, enable rapid remodelling to address shifting market conditions, and predict impact for informed decision-making.


Are you enabling business continuity?

CIOs need to ensure optimal user experiences and application availability whilst managing CapEx, scalability, governance, security and other considerations. Cloud platform choices truly come to life with integration – the ability to run different applications, workloads, and business processes is critical.


Is your application environment continuing to deliver value?

Your application environment needs to support changing business and customer needs, seamlessly. Optimise the value of your assets, gain expert technical management of your analytics environment and gain certainty on associated costs.


Is complex reporting a challenge?

As financial regulators unveil increasingly granular requirements, financial services organisations need to future-ready their data frameworks to efficiently mitigate risk and ensure compliance.  


Discovery Session

Talk with Tridant subject matter experts. Together with your team, we review your transformation strategy and environmental challenges, and discuss opportunities to accelerate your business transformation.  

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Featured Insights

Global Analytics Support for Lendlease

Tridant is delivering Level 2 application support and infrastructure management for one of the largest FP&A implementations in the southern hemisphere. With the centrally hosted planning solution servicing the global finance team, any service disruptions, including application degradation or service outages, would impact their end-users worldwide.

Finance eGuide: 7 key elements of effective reporting

Accelerate the Monthly Finance Cycle | Create reports that add value with actionable insights, enabling stakeholders to extract meaningful insights easily and make critical business decisions quicky, with confidence.

Migrating IBM Planning Analytics onto AWS – A Recommended Approach

Well-architected design for AWS: Software Licensing, Environment Topology, Capacity Planning, Network Security, Encryption, Identity Management, Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management, Systems Management for Backup, Monitoring & Patching, Endpoint Protection, Disaster Recovery

Sneak Peek: Watson Assistant with Salesforce & Zendesk

Let's explore AI-powered chatbots. We are seeing a growing trend in live chat widget applications outside of e-commerce, on the front line, the service desk. Our expert trials the IBM Watson Assistant beta release enabling pre-built integration with Salesforce and Zendesk ...

60-Min Investigation: Building a Chatbot

Chatbots are becoming an essential part of the digital customer engagement channel. At Tridant, we see clients keen to understand virtual assistant technology and witness firsthand the use cases and value that chatbots deliver to organisations.
We investigate
building a chatbot with the free version of Watson Assistant, in just 60 minutes ...

Is Your Planning Platform an Asset or a Liability?

The decision to retire or replace a planning platform is usually borne of its decreasing relevance, growing technical debt and persistent frustrations over poor performance. Where are the opportunities to assure enduring platform performance and efficiency gains?

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